Our Services


  • car & van tyres
    • we can supply & fit almost any make & size of tyre including runflat tyres  from 10" to 20" wheel size,& from budget to michelin. we stock a variety of makes & sizes which covers about 85% of the market & can get delivery of most other tyres within 24 hours. 
  • small agricultural tyres
    • we stock many sizes of inner  tubes to fit wheelbarrow, sit on mowers & some truck & agri (phone)
  • motorbike tyres
    • we can supply,fit & balance m/c tyres or we can fit & balance your own tyres (please note we are unable to take the wheel off the bike for you!)
  • exhausts
    • all our exhausts & catalytic converters come with a 2 year guarentee.
  • batteries
    • we stock a small range of  oe quality batteries. petrol cars have a 3 year guarentee & diesels 2 years.
  • puncture repairs
    • we fix punctures where ever possable & can fit inner tubes to a small amount of tyre sizes. All tyres are taken of the rim so as we can inspect the inside of the tyre for secondry damage. once mended the repair is a permanent repair.
  • bosh wiper blades
    • we stock bosh quick-clip wipers from 13" to 28"
  • 4 wheel laser alignment
    • wheel alignment or tracking as more commonly known is how your wheels run in conjuction to each other. if your wheels are toeing out to much youl wear the inside of your tyres out & if toeing in the outside. we align the front wheels to the rear ( based on them being in a fixed position) so the steering wheel is straight & you drive in a straight line (not pulling to one side). we use supertracker gauges which are regaurded as one of the best in the industry, this combined with over 25 years of experiance makes a great combination.
  • electronic wheel balancing
    • we use knock on weights where possable & stick ons where not. we are able to do hidden weight and solid wheel (citreon/peugeot) balancing
  • free tyre pressure & safty check
    • we are always willing to check your tyres for pressure and condition free of charge all we ask is that if you turn up and were busy pop back later unless an emergency.
  • air conditioning
  • winter tyres available for next day fitting
    • a full range of winter tyres from budget to michelin available for next day delivery & fitting

About Wallingford Tyres & Exhausts

WALLINGFORD TYRES can give you the tyre safety assistance you require. Never compromise on tyre safety, always use our professional assistance. Phone 01491 824 145 to contact us when required. If you have any doubts about the condition of your tyres, call us or bring the vehicle along to us.

WALLINGFORD TYRES can handle your tyre safety in WALLINGFORD



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